The sad truth is, however, that all this has really achieved

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canada goose outlet sale Questo il Museo della Citt di Gold che si svolge attualmente nel 2017 la prima esposizione delle operedegli studenti europei gioiellieri realizzati nel progetto Comenius. Argento spazzolato miluna gioielli perle, star sapphire, lavaggio, ebano scultura, ossidato a Spilla argento, smalto,perle di acqua dolce, nera pietra focaia acciaio chirurgico il perno e il perno di acciaio ossidato collana in argento, plexiglass, crystal papier. canada goose outlet sale

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cheap Canada Goose The current CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) listings prohibit trade in products such as rhino horn, elephant ivory and tiger bone. The sad truth is, however, that all this has really achieved is to push trade underground. Prohibition of supply does nothing to stop the demand, and the black market for these illegal products is still clearly thriving. This year rhino poaching has reached a tipping point with an average of 2 3 rhinos killed every day, and an estimated total of 900 1000 by the end of the year. We lose 1 tiger every day, an elephant every fifteen minutes4. And the killing doesn’t stop there, with the heavy militarization of the “war” on poaching claiming victims on both sides rangers and rustlers alike. The monetary costs aren’t small either, with conservation resources being redirected to fund thefight against poaching cheap Canada Goose.

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